The president relied on a note, written with a black marker in all caps, in the wake of Gordon Sondlands bombshell testimony

Donald Trump is no stranger to chants: the common refrain of Lock her up at his rallies is one example. The counter chant of Lock him up, directed at the president himself at a recent Washington DC baseball game is another.

On Wednesday, however, the president appeared to have penned one of his own: in the form of an apparent aide-memoire for his own Ukraine defense in the wake of bombshell testimony during his impeachment hearing, which has implicated him in seeking to force Ukraine to investigate his political rivals in return for US aid.

Trump was holding a sheet of paper as he spoke outside the White House to a press corps desperate for his response to the latest shocking impeachment news, and written on it was his own incantation, a musing on the theme of want.

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‘I want nothing’: Trump denies quid pro quo after Sondland testimony video

I want nothing.

I want nothing.

I want no quid pro quo, Trumps note read.

The whimsical message to self differed from the last time Trump was captured holding a handwritten note.

That happened in March, when Trump was roundly mocked for clutching a handwritten message a reminding him to say I hear you while chatting with survivors of school shootings.

That text, however, was reportedly written by Hope Hicks, Trumps former communications director.




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